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You are so young as your spine is flexible

Everything we experience is registered by the spine. Everything that is registered is spread through the entire body. With yoga, we strengthen the spine and increase its flexibility. The position of the spine is crucial. The spine is the central axis of the bone structure. It consists of 33 or 34 vertebrae, each (except Atlas and Axis) separated by an intervertebral disk. The vertebrae are: 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, the sacrum and the pelvis. The vertebrae are interconnected with the intervertebral disks or joints. Between the vertebrae we find intervertebral disks and there is spinal cord (nerve tissue) in the spinal marrow. The joints connect the vertebrae and make sure that the vertebrae can move independently. The intervertebral disk is located between the vertebrae. Its most important function is shock absorption in the spine. The spinal cord nerve tissue transmits signals between the legs and the brain. The spine determines one’s posture, stabilizes one’s body and creates mobility. Mobility of the spine is determined by the shape of the joints, the ribs, the flexible intervertebral disks, ligaments and various muscles. The spine supports the pelvic girdle (pelvis) and the pectoral girdle (shoulder structure). Another function of the spine is to encapsulate the spinal marrow, thus protecting it. The spinal marrow facilitates the transmission of nerve signals (information) from and to our brains.


Yoga is not psychedelic as many believe. Yoga brings you back to yourself, feeling your body and stand with both feet on the ground. Grounding is a way to put ourselves with both feet back on the ground. Because of stress, tensions or any other reason, you can sometimes lose contact with the earth. Often cold feet are also the result of this. Yoga can help you with this.


According to ayurveda a good nutrition and healthy habits are essential to stay in good health. Also yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and massage are important. After pulse diagnosis, the ayurvedic practitioner can give you advice on these and, if necessary, prescribe ayurvedic nutrition supplements, which help you to take control of your own health. In ayurvedic massages, many cleansing techniques are used to restore the balance in the body and the mind. This is done to rid the body of toxins, so that all bodily functions can be optimal again.


Life is intention. Every movement is intention. When your head is too full with thoughts, there are also countless intentions. This is the cause of confusion of the mind. This is why concentration and meditation are necessary. This way, your intentions become more powerful and have more potential.

Meditation is a way to clean up the mental muddle around the subconscious. When our mind is clean, we can see and experience the joy of our own soul. – Gurmukh


Difference between gymnastics and yoga

Sometimes somebody says to me that yoga is actually just something like a gym. I always answer they haven’t experienced the real taste of yoga yet. Yoga is about uniting body, mind and soul. It is about consciously using the breath as a tool to go deeper into the posture. By using breath as an instrument you are letting go of the stress and tension in your body. In yoga you are becoming aware of your mind. Beside that yoga has a long tradition. Yoga guru’s mention that yoga exists as long as humans on this planet. Yoga was originally meant to prepare the body for hours of meditations in caves. If yoga was just about how far you can stretch or how long you can stand on your head, then all the acrobats and top sporters would be yogi’s. Yoga is not a religion, but it is coming back to the inner self. Read more about 8 limbs of yoga on ashtanga yoga page. To be continued….



Full moon days

During the full moon we become more sensitive, intuitive and sensible. This is a good time to work out whatever is necessary. Sun and moon are in the aspect of opposition. We react fast and are more emotional. During these days there are also more accidents and people are easily agitated than usual. Try to avoid important decisions and conversations. This is not a good time for negotiating. The next period between full moon and new moon is better for business.

Why we turn on the right side after the final relaxation?

We do this for more reasons. First of all it is nice to have a transitional posture between a total relaxation and sitting up. This way your mind and body can slowly prepare for an active state. The second reason would be the position of the heart. While laying on the right side, heart is above all the organs so it means less pressure for the heart. While laying on the right side, we breath more air through the left nostrial and we activate the right side of the brain. The right side is also related to the masculine, active flow of energy.

Yogic diet

Food affects the mind. The right type of food eaten in moderation leads to a healthy body and an increased clarity of mind. The body feels light and energetic. Too much of wrong type of food makes the body lazy and the mind dull. If your aim is to grow spiritually, you must pay close attention to your diet. The right type of diet deepens one’s spiritual experiences. The yogic diet is a vegetarian (no meat, egg or fish) and wholesome, consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and a small quantity of milk and milk products. Foods like garlic and onions as well as spices and sweeteners should be avoided as much as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed whenever they are available. A well balanced diet includes all the right proportions. We need a certain quantity and quality of all the nutrients to live healthy.

Energy sources

The main sources of energy are breath, sleep, food and meditation. Breath is life! Breath is one of the major sources of energy yet most of us don’t even know it’s there until we run or have a blocked nose! We tend to use only 30% of our lung capacity. Breathing to one’s full capacity is energizing and recharging. Without sleep we can maybe manage for a night or two and later it can get really tough. Our body and mind need sleep to recover and recharge.  Water and food are also very important sources of energy. The best is to take fresh foods, not so much take-aways or canned food. Try to eat more biological and more fruits and vegetables. The best time to eat is when it is pitta time according to ayurveda. This is between 10 AM-2 PM. Try not to eat late in the evening because then your digestive system and body can not really rest during sleep. The food we consume affects our mind; our perception, observation and expression. Meditation is also a very good energy source. Meditation can be also walking in the nature, enjoying a beautiful sunset or just sitting with a straight spine and eyes closed. Meditation is allowing your higher self to speak. If calmness is happiness, then let it be plenty. 


Yoga is the fountain of youth

Yoga is the fountain of youth. It has become quite common, accepted and normal to get more sick when you get older. You suffer from lower back pain, headaches, joint pain and so on. This is not how it is supposed to be. According to ayurveda one life could be 100 years long. These days the medical care is becoming more and more expensive, if not even non affordable. The best choice is to take good care of yourself and invest in your physical and mental health while you still have it. With years your body can become more flexible and healthier than before if you take the right exercises, the right food and enough rest. One can eliminate the disease just by following an appropriate diet and lifestyle, even without the help of medicine. But healing is not possible if one neglects the aspect of food and routine. In yoga we bend so we don’t break. It leads to a healthy body as well as a mind free of distortions and disharmony. Benefits of yoga are many. The best benefits for the body would be that it lowers the blood pressure, improves circulation, digestion and posture. It increases immunity and flexibility. And for the mind yoga improves intuition, concentration and memory. It increases awareness, confidence and a sense of happiness.