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True empowerment is not the Indian concept of enlightenment

“True empowerment is not the Indian concept of enlightenment. It is knowing what we are and living from there. We are spirit: individual and eternal, moving within the consciousness of That which created, sustains and pervades all life. Knowing this is not difficult. It only requires putting attention on that which is beneath the content of thought. Acting from this place of empowerment is natural: we can ordain reality from that quantum level. Everyone can do it. Everyone is equally powerful moving and creating in the depths of their own consciousness.”

From ‘Blowing the whistle’ by Bronte Baxter


“In the beginning there was darkness, only Brahman meditated in the night”
From this meditation, the universe came into being, with its universal space of creation, maintenance and change. The word “Upanishad” means “sitting at the feet of the master”. The Upanishads originated from the observation of one’s own inner world. The Rishis, enlightened souls, have transmitted these insights and live this knowledge. The older Upanishads are part of the Vedic texts at the end of the four Vedas. They form a kind of philosophical appendix to the hymns and prescriptions of the Vedas. The Atman is at one with insight, thinking, life, seeing and hearing. It is earth, water, fire, air and ether. It is light and darkness, desire and contentment. It is at one with all that exists.