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(Nederlands) Detox je lichaam met yoga en raw food

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Detoxification: Breaking Syndrome X

From  ‘SUPER FOODS’ by David Wolfe

Nearly everyone raised on a modern American or European diet has consumed mineral-deficient food, foods sprayed with pesticides, antibiotictreated meat, hormonally altered dairy products, refined sugar, refined grains, and refined salt. In some cases, the toxic load can be overwhelming, causing a metabolic syndrome designated “Syndrome X.” Syndrome X is the inability to lose weight, accompanied by a dysfunctional immune system and low energy. Adding organic raw and living foods, superfoods, and superherbs to one’s diet can break the hold of Syndrome X, allow one to lose weight and achieve an ideal state of health. When we begin adding organic, raw, natural superfoods, superherbs, and foods, an astounding metamorphosis can occur and Syndrome X can finally be turned around. Yet we must be very careful not to go faster than our bodies can handle. To be able to handle the metabolic change that occurs through inner cleaning, you need to transition at your own pace and begin where you are. Gradually move up that pace when you can.

(Nederlands) Gezonde voeding

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.