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Yoga and health

As the costs of health treatments continue to rise, for many of us they are becoming increasingly unaffordable. The waiting lists for medical care are getting longer. It is time to take the responsibility for health and health issues into our own hands. Those who are used to a healthy and active lifestyle have an advantage; others will simply have to adapt and develop a new, healthier lifestyle. Yoga is the best medicine and cure, and it works 24/7.

sound and its effect

Sound has a powerful influence and affects not only our emotions but also our environment. Have you ever walked into a home right after an argument? The environment is filled with the reverberating energy of harsh words and emotional tension. Or have you entered a church or temple after prayers have been said or hymns sung? This environment surrounds you with a very different quality, an inviting sense of healing and protection. A mantra is a spoken form of prayer. Mantras stimulate the environment, infusing it with blessings. Not only does the sound of mantras resonate in the environment long after they are spoken, sung, or chanted, they actually attract and balance the five elements within your body and environment. Source: The way of Vastu, Michael and Robin Mastro