The word yoga comes from “yuj” and it means a connection between two forces: body and mind – the individual soul with the universal soul. The origin of yoga lies in India and goes back thousands of years. Some say that yoga has existed as for long as humankind has been on earth. Despite the fact that it is often linked to Hinduism, they are in fact not connected. Yoga is unique and can be practised by anyone, regardless of religion.
Yoga refers to the unification of the Individual Self with the Universal Self. The goal of yoga is to actively relax and to be active in a relaxed way. Yoga brings transformation, harmony and balance between one’s emotions, body and mind. Through it, the body becomes more flexible, stronger and healthier. This enables you to experience more peace and clarity.
There are many more advantages to practising yoga. On the body level it improves flexibility, it strengthens the muscles, it increases the flexibility of the joints and it is healthy for the bone structure. It improves digestion, blood circulation and the immune system. On the level of the mind it brings more clarity, better concentration, inner peace, more energy and enthusiasm.
On a deeper level you feel more connected to the inner self, become more aware and you feel more harmony.